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Mario Costa: Músicas / Music

Happilly, I had a fall

(Mario Costa)
January 18, 2011
Mario Costa



Staging debt

Four way

All dead bellies up  2X


But I’m invincible

Let me beat Van Damme tombou


Staging debt

Four way

All dead bellies up  2X


Milleniums and milleniums up and down

That’s somebody’s bum


D.E.B.T you owe it

I don’t know

D.E.B.T. is how you spell

The lack of Money eating my soul


Hey mom, isn’t that what you taught

Zig ling leg is how much we all owe

Hang in there ‘til June, same linging June

Come on let’s lead the way

Up to the zone


Darling get the phone

Itching for a loan                 2X


Don’t let the pitbulls @ the gate

Stop you from home


Happily, I had a fall

Every step is out of bounds   2X


And every day I check my laptop

And take a bow


Hey now, when she turns eighteen

She’s gonna know well

Ain’t mean people seldom knowing

Where the treasures are


©2009  Mário Costa